Saw Her There | Vice Vega

This is the official music video, "Saw Her There", released by Vice Vega.

Patrick Lawrence | Director + Editor
Ryan Walters | Cinematographer, DP, Lighting Technician
Tim Kotthoff | First Assistant + Camera Operator

Ryan Walters  |  Central New York Photographer + Cinematographer


Derek Webb | Songs for Joplin

After a devastating tornado hit Joplin, MO in March of 2011, a good friend of ours, Zach Becker, took action. He organized a non-profit that would come to be known as Songs for Joplin, and launched a social media campaign to call out musicians who were willing to help the cause. Within a few days, he had enough artists willing to donate a song to create the first relief album for the people of Joplin. When well-known singer/songwriter, Derek Webb, re-tweeted regarding the effort, Songs for Joplin went viral.

Delmar Media Group (DMG) was interested in partnering with Zach to contribute to the cause, and an onslaught of artist photo shoots and performances were captured in the coming months. This performance byDerek Webb has never been released, and was filmed in a small studio in Nashville, TN.

Get involved with Songs for Joplin!

Songs for Joplin on FB

Or contact us at DMG.

We were very fortunate to have an incredibly talented crew working with us on this project. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible.


Derek Webb | Artist
Zach Becker | Coordinator
Gary Winchester | Co-Director, Co-Producer, Cinematographer
David Treadway | Interviewer, Camera Operator
Michael J. Kraemer | Audio Tech, Grip Specialist
Ryan Walters | Co-Director, Co-Producer, Editor, Colorist, Cinematographer

Ryan Walters  |  Central New York Photographer + Cinematographer


Dropkick the Robot | Washed Up

This is the first of a series of live music videos shot in studio with Dropkick the Robot. These guys are phenomenal musicians! They are dedicated to their craft, and their music reflects it. We had the opportunity to collaborate with them to produce a series of seven songs, which were all performed and captured live.  This is the biggest video project we've shot to date! It involved several months of planning, production meetings, putting a solid team of operators together, innovating some lighting methods for a relatively small recording studio, and executing a nine camera shoot in full 1080p!! We shot everything at 24fps to lend a film look to it, and I lit the studio with a cinematic style in mind.

Pastime | A Vignette

This is the catcher's mitt I used as a kid. I couldn't count how many hours I spent behind home plate, and it was always with me. My dad got it for me when I was just a little leaguer, and I used it all the way through high school. He was a catcher, and we wore out the back yard as he taught me everything he knew about the position. I remember the small patch of grass where he used to throw balls in the dirt so I could practice blocking wild pitches...every summer, the grass in that area was scarce. I cherish so many great memories with dad when I hold this glove, so it seemed a noble subject to shoot a little vignette on. 

Thanks for teaching me how to catch, 


. Someday, I'll pass it along to my son, and we'll head out to the back yard for some pitch and catch!