Amisha Bhatt. Business extraordinaire and sharp as a tack. She's focused, driven, and resilient. I had the privilege of calling her a colleague for several years while living in the city of St. Louis, MO. This image was about eighteen months in the making, as life moved me in a whirlwind of directions. Thanks for your patience, Amisha.


Ryan Walters  |  Central New York Photographer

the cracken | apple stl

Meet Eric McCracken. A genuine genius, a born leader, and a lover of hugs. This guy holds it down at the Apple Store, Galleria. You'll find him blazing a wizardry path behind the Genius Bar there. His role? None other than Lead Genius, AKA, Shot Caller. Really though, his sincerity and ability to empathize with a customer is unparalleled, and he's always willing to lend a helping hand. They're lucky to have him.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

macy + jeremy

These two people are awesome. I've had the pleasure of calling them colleagues at Apple for several years now, and it's been cool getting to know them. Macy and Jeremy are both incredibly creative people, and it's been interesting to watch them evolve and become entrepreneurs recently. They own a wedding videography business named Rue de la Vie. Check them out for all your wedding and save the date video needs! Having shot my wedding, I can personally recommend their services. They are professional, and they do a phenomenal job capturing your big day! They even offer Blu-Ray output! Thanks to you both for letting me be a part of your day, and I wish you all the best in your journey together!

For these shots, we placed the red sofa in an alley behind their home in Soulard. The ivy happened to be covering a nearby building, and I liked the texture it provided. We lit both shots with one light and a large octabank. The light was powered by a Vagabond II.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

sara | apple stl

This is Sara Moser. Quick-witted but quiet, you can bet she's always up to something. She's an integral part of the machine that is the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, West County, and she has a fondness for unusual hats. Sara is a pleasure to hang out with and is a talented retouch artist, as well as a photographer. Thanks for FINALLY letting me photograph you! You are awesome!


PS-Watch out for those pesky little spiders dropping down from your visor, and if one is to decide to descend on you while in traffic, for God's sake, keep your hands on the wheel!!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

melissa | apple stl

Melissa Walters. She's a ray of sunshine if ever there was one. At the Apple Store, St. Louis Galleria, she works behind the scenes to keep the Genius team running smooth and ensure customers stay well taken care of. She's also my baby sister, and I love her dearly! Melissa is a lover of natural things, and she possesses a beautiful old soul. Thanks so much for lending me some time to capture your spirit, sis!! I love the happiness in her eyes in this shot!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

skip | apple stl

This is Bob Kester, aka "Skip".  Bob is one of a kind!  He's an incredible leader and has a charisma that is infectious.  He's one of the classiest fellas I've ever known, and he balances his role as a leader with grace.  Apple is truly blessed to have a man like "Skip", as many of his colleagues affectionately refer to him as.  Carry on. sir.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

chris | apple stl

Chris Huge.  His is a story of strong will and laser focus, but you'll have to ask him about it.  I will say this, though, he's an inspiration to a lot of people.  At the Apple Store, West County, he's a valuable asset to the Genius team, and has become a frequent "go to" guy.  Chris came in with the scarf around his neck, and we worked with it in different ways.  I've always thought he resembled Ewan McGregor, and the beard lent itself well to McGregor's portrayal of Obi Wan Kenobi, so I asked Chris to wrap the scarf around his head and neck, and stare straight through my lens.  Thanks for hanging out and channeling a Jedi Master, man!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

dionte | apple stl

Dionte Harden.  One of the most genuine guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and an incredible asset to the Apple Store, West County.  The more I learn about Dionte, the more I've come to realize he's very much a creative soul.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

mal benz | apple stl

Mallori Benz. What can I say? She's an absolute rock star. Mal defined what it meant to be a Specialist at the Apple Store. She embodied the spirit of the credo like no one I've ever met, and embraced the Apple culture. I felt priviledged to call her a colleague, and I'm honored to call her a friend. You will be missed, Mal.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

chas | apple stl

A Specialist at the Apple Store, West County, and often the life of the conversation, Chas is the kind of guy that can always put a smile on my face. The guy is as good as they get. After seeing some of my recent work, Chas asked me to do a portrait of him in a similar style. I was stoked and jumped at the opportunity. For this shot, we decided the easiest thing to do was photograph him after work. We set up, shot, and tore down in about 30 minutes.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer