the gem

On a recent location scout for a music video with none other than the legendary, Gary Winchester, we came across an abandoned movie theater that looked promising for what we had in mind. Not wanting to miss an oportunity for some great images, Gary jumped out on a mission to find a way inside. It wasn't long before this "Here's Johnny" moment presented itself, and I fired one frame from the car. Obviously, he was pleased with his success, and the images that resulted were as epic as that grin!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Photographer + Cinematographer

desert wedding

I recently had the honor of shooting some wedding images for these two beautiful people. Stephen Fee and his bride, Candice, are absolute rock stars. They got hitched in Vegas in May, and I thought they would be the perfect couple to shoot some killer alternative wedding stuff with. Ceasars Palace has a strict "No Photography" policy during the ceremonies that take place there, so we rolled out in the desert the next morning. My gaol was to find a desolate location that looked like it was in the middle of nowhere, and this scene was just about exactly what I had in mind. Big thanks to Tim Kotthoff for assisting me! He and I road tripped so we could travel with some serious studio gear, and the resulting images are well worth the extra travel time! Check back for a series from this shoot! They'll be posted in the "featured" section of the blog. For now though, here's a look behind the scenes.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer