Captain Dave

This is my good compadre, Dave. A sailor since his youth, a submariner who served our country, and a Master Scheduler with the voice of Jack Nicholson. Our paths first crossed when I joined Vantine Imaging in the summer of 2016. Dave helped show me the ropes at Vantine, and taught me plenty along the way. When I learned he was a sailor and expressed interest in coming along, he was generous enough to welcome me aboard his vessel, a 1967 37’ Chris-Craft Apache with classic lines and a navy hull. She was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and weighs in at about 15,000 lbs with a 5’9” draft and a 50’ keel-stepped mast. There were only 80 ever built. She’s a beauty, and compliments the man very well.

Dave taught me a lot about sailing and I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge.

Fair winds and calm seas, Skipper!

For the first time on my blog, these are not my images. Photo credit goes to Kim Koennecke. She sailed with us this day and captured a series of images with her iPhone. I spent a bit of time with them in post to provide the look.


It's been far too long since I posted anything, and I'm getting back to it.  I've been focused on some new business ventures as of late, and it's occupied a lot of my time.  Starting this week, I plan to be shooting and posting regularly again. This image was snapped with an iPhone 4.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer


These images haunt me. They were captured with my iPhone 4 as I sat in silence with my thoughts. There's an entire series of images resulting from my time spent in hospitals recently, and I thought maybe by sharing them with you, they may begin to relinquish some of their hold on me. I'm considering working through each of them and placing the series in the featured section of the blog. They are, however, very personal to me, so I'm torn...