A character study of a huge personality in a tiny person. My daughter continues to inspire me daily. I can't wait to see where life takes her! She's a born entertainer, and a sweet soul.

holly marie | ithaca farmer's market

On a recent location scout in Ithaca, NY, Holly and I discovered the Ithaca Farmer's Market. It was pouring down rain, so we were in search of a vacant, covered space to test some new gear and pull off a shoot in a pinch, if ever we were challenged to do so with a client. This space was inspiring! Constructed of old raw lumber, it must have been the length of a football fiield at least, and it provided endless possibilities. I was testing a new modifier with a speedlight for a lean and mean lighing kit in situations where I want to stay very light and mobile, but still have some lighting control over the environment. We were set up and shooting in a matter of minutes! Holly was gracious enough to endulge my expolration of the new kit, and we had a great time! It's been way too long since we did this sort of thing together, and I miss it. She was stellar, beautiful, and willing to let go and just have fun. The shoot yielded several memorable images, but this one is my favorite.

Ryan Walters | Central New York Photographer


This shot came from a chance meeting with a fellow photographer. I was shooting on Delmar, and DeAndre pulled over, crossed the street, and introduced himself. He said he was just getting into photography and had just finished an engagement shoot with a couple in Forest Park.  He asked if he could hang out and watch, and said my shoot reminded him of a workshop he read about called "One Flash...or something like that". We hung out for the remainder of the shoot, and he was graciously willing to let me grab a couple shots of him, too. I mentioned the One Light Workshop that Zack Arias hosts several times a year, and he said that's the one he was referring to. I was stoked to chat with him about Zack and his techniques! As we said goodbye, DeAndre commented on our happenstance; "You just can't run from your passion, man. So cool to have run into you guys tonight!" Well said, DeAndre!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer

martin j. (boomer) bergin

A cowboy, a poet, an actor, and a saddle maker, Martin J. "Boomer" Bergin is the first and only real cowboy I've ever had the opportunity to photograph.  Mr.Bergin is one of the last true American Cowboys, and he's full of incredible stories.  A saddle maker by trade, he's lived and worked out of his home in St. Louis, MO since 1975, after having grown up in West Texas and New Mexico.  He's handmade and sold his saddles to working cowboys in eleven countries, and produces around fifteen per year. Talking with this man feels like talking to a legend that stepped straight out of a John Wayne (Boomer's self-confessed hero) western.  Myself and a friend spent a little more than an hour with him in his saddle shop, and learned a great deal.  An actor, working with Robert Duvall, Tom Selek, and Sam Elliot, a writer and performer of cowboy poetry, and a collector of pipes, boot knives, and six-shooters, Martin is truly one of a kind.  He represents a breed of man that's long since been lost in this country.  He's performed his poetry on the Today Show, Johnny Carson, and for President Clinton himself.  Thanks for an interesting evening and for welcoming us into your home, sir.


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chas | apple stl

A Specialist at the Apple Store, West County, and often the life of the conversation, Chas is the kind of guy that can always put a smile on my face. The guy is as good as they get. After seeing some of my recent work, Chas asked me to do a portrait of him in a similar style. I was stoked and jumped at the opportunity. For this shot, we decided the easiest thing to do was photograph him after work. We set up, shot, and tore down in about 30 minutes.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer