This shot came from a chance meeting with a fellow photographer. I was shooting on Delmar, and DeAndre pulled over, crossed the street, and introduced himself. He said he was just getting into photography and had just finished an engagement shoot with a couple in Forest Park.  He asked if he could hang out and watch, and said my shoot reminded him of a workshop he read about called "One Flash...or something like that". We hung out for the remainder of the shoot, and he was graciously willing to let me grab a couple shots of him, too. I mentioned the One Light Workshop that Zack Arias hosts several times a year, and he said that's the one he was referring to. I was stoked to chat with him about Zack and his techniques! As we said goodbye, DeAndre commented on our happenstance; "You just can't run from your passion, man. So cool to have run into you guys tonight!" Well said, DeAndre!

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer