smick | apple stl

For a couple years now, I've been interested in doing a project built around the Apple community in St. Louis.  For those of you who don't know, I work as a trainer with Apple during the day, and have met some of the most talented, interesting people there.  This is Cari Smick, a Creative at the Apple Store, West County.  She's the first to volunteer her time and allow me to photograph her, but I'm hoping there will be others soon.  The plan is to shoot as many of my co-workers as will let me, and self-publish a book when the body of work has grown to support it.  So to all my Apple peeps, let me know if you are willing to participate!  Feel free to contact me via email, through the blog (visit the "current projects" page found under "community" at the top), or via facebook.

Ryan Walters  |  St. Louis Portrait + Commercial Photographer